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Jitbit AspNetForum

Powerful ASP.NET forum software. A discussion board ASP.NET component that can be installed
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25 November 2010

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If you’re looking forward to add an interactive forum to your ASP.NET website then Jitbit AspNetForum 5.0.0 can be of great help to you. While using the component you needn’t worry as the ASP.NET message-board is data-source independent and facilitates working with MySQL and MS SQL Server, and MS Access. It further supports registrations and user profiles, private messaging, RSS-feeds, pre-moderated forums, email notifications engine, and even more. These generated forums are compatible to work with both Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer web browsers.

The Jitbit AspNetForum can be installed as an independent ASP.NET application or add or as a part of any existing website. For creating standalone ASP.NET forum application, create IIS virtual directory and copy entire forum file into it. Following the step you have to configure the created virtual directory as application in IIS, and also configure it to run the ASP.NET 2.0. While installing the forum as website’s part you would require creating sub-folder in the website’s directory, extract files excluding the ones with relating bin, data, resources and images. These excluded folders are to be extracted within parent website’s relevant folders. Doing this, you can further perform different functions like Database Setup including features; ‘Database Setup’ requiring script setup according to MySQL/MS SQL Server/MS Access, ‘Database Connection’ where you have to edit connection strings and specify providerName, and Pre-created forum users that comprises of pre-created user admin with password, which can be changed to requirement. Upgrade the version if needed, and finally Configure ASP.NET Forum, where you can alter various features; Admin Password, Forum Title Bar, Email Notifications, Language, Look and Feel, Integrating Into Your Website’s Design, Free For All Forum, Other Web.Config Options, and Single Sign On instructions.

The Jitbit AspNetForum 5.0.0 component earns a score of 3.5 rating points for its overall stellar performance and the ease with which it can be configured.

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Powerful ASP.NET forum software. A discussion board ASP.NET component/control that can be installed in seconds. This ASP.NET messageboard is datasource independent (supports both MS Access, MS SQL Server and MySQL), supports user profiles and registration, premoderated forums, private messaging, online administration, message editing by owners and moderators, email notifications engine, RSS-feeds, supports both Internet Explorer and Firefox. Source code license available. Free edition available. Easily integrated into existing ASP.NET websites.
Jitbit AspNetForum
Jitbit AspNetForum
Version 6.8.7
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